metsä chroma



meet blake

the artist behind metsä chroma




metsä chroma - which translates to "forest colors" - is the work of texas based multimedia artist blake brodeur.

the influence of nature can be seen throughout her collections of home decor and hand crafted gifts. blake's distinctive approach of blending fluid art techniques with trending decor styles has created stunning and functional art to be looked at, loved, and utilized in your home for years to come. lush moss, natural crystals, and dried florals are also staples in her gorgeous botanical wreaths and wall artwork. 

her enthusiasm for plant collecting can be seen reflected in the metsä chroma catalog.  

blake lives right outside of austin, texas with her husband and their three dogs, hank, derek, and noëlle. they love to travel, cook, and play video games together in their free time.

blake has delivered on over 1,500 orders with an overall 5-star rating on her products, all handmade with love.