about metsä chroma studio

blake brodeur // metsä chroma creator

// a texas based multimedia artist creating unique and beautiful handmade goods for your curated living space.

the influence of nature can be seen throughout her collections of home decor and hand crafted gifts. organic woods, natural color palettes, lush greenery, and celestial shapes are all inspirations in the careful design and creation of each piece.   

her distinctive approach of blending fluid art techniques with trending decor styles has created stunning and functional art to be looked at, loved, and utilized in your home.

blake lives right outside of austin, texas with her husband and their two catahoulas, hank and derek. they love to travel and explore new places and often take roadtrips together. when they aren't busy out on the road they can be found creating something together in the studio or the kitchen, where they are just as eager to explore new and exciting things.

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blake b. has delivered over 1,200 orders with an overall 5-star rating on her products, all handmade with love. //